After 68 years of rich camping history on the banks of Whipple Lake in the heart of Baxter, Minnesota, with thousands of kids and families experiencing the joy of Camp Vanasek it is time that we undertake some major changes. As thousands of kids, community groups, service groups, sports teams, veterans groups, and families have spent time at camp we have experienced some wear and tear and we are experiencing growing pains once again. Camp Vanasekis contiuning to grow in its number of campers and those who use the camp in diverse ways. Primarily used in the summer months but there is a growing need to winterize the camp to be able to expand our camp’s usage.

In order to fully update camp and get it winterized we have many projects that need to happen. Our major project that is high on our priority list is getting Camp Vanasek hooked up to city water and sewer which is estimated as a $100,000 project. By doing this we will no longer have to worry about frozen septic systems in the winter months. Other project projects include: winterization of cabins, year round bath house facility, as well as accessibility to all parts of camp for all visitors.

The mission of Camp Vanasek is to be a place where kids groups, community groups, and service groups can meet and experience the great outdoors. We also welcome many family and private groups throughout the year.

Camp Vanasek depends upon organizations and individuals as we move into the future. If you would like us to come and speak to your organization please let us know and we work to set a date and time for that to happen. We have enclosed a donor envelope for your convenience.


Thank you in advance for your generosity.